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The Parallel Challenger Chapter 1: Between Worlds
Snow and cold. Two words that represents exactly the view at the top of Mt. Silver. Only very powerful Pokémon Trainers can survive the horrible weather of the mountain and the most powerful wild Pokémon that exists within the Kanto and Johto region. At the top of the mountain, resides a very powerful trainer, who has dedicated his life into training and stay away from most of people after he defeated the most powerful trainers of the Kanto region years ago.
At the top of the mountain, the mysterious trainer was watching the cloudy and dark sky, after the typical intense training with his Pokémon. He had time to think in what to do with his life during this break-time he had before continuing with the training. He had achieved what many trainers couldn't: strength, wisdom, but above all, love for his Pokémon. He respected them and treated them as his friends, his partners. He was sick of trainers that only searched power and more power during their journeys. That's
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Well, what can I say....hello everyone? XD

Well, my name is HollowKU, or Hollow if you prefer. I'm from Peru, and I really like deviantart. This website has managed to collect infinite numerous of impressive and really majestic drawings, photos, etc. Well, as you I also am an artist, and even if I'm just starting, I would be glad if you checked on my work. Don't worry, I'll get even better as time passes =)

I have great respect for people of deviantart, publishing their works to show them to the world. I have many friends that doesn't show their abilities at art because they're saying that drawing it's fun, but a waste of time eventually. That really pisses me off.

My profile also exists in, so I also would be glad if you could take a look on it. I'm currently doing a Ash-meets-Red fic, so I think the Pokémon fans will really enjoy it.

Well, I only have something to say: Keep up the good work, deviants across the world!


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Alejandro H.
Artist | Student | Design & Interfaces


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